Current Supporters

National Dance Institute's annual programs are supported, in part, by public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council including Council Members Margaret Chin, Daniel Garodnick, Sara Gonzalez, Jessica Lappin, Stephen Levin, Rosie Mendez, and Ydanis Rodriguez.

NDI gratefully acknowledges the generous gifts received from the following foundations, corporations, and individuals.

Includes gifts as of June 5, 2013.

(Click here for a listing of donors to NDI's Capital Campaign.)

Angels ($100,000 and above)

Blanchette Hooker Rockefeller Fund
The Heckscher Foundation for Children
The Irene Diamond Fund
Kathy and Joe Mele
Susan and Donald Newhouse
Judy and Josh Weston

Benefactors ($50,000 - $99,999)

The Balm Foundation
Paula and Jeffrey Gural
Henry and Lucy Moses Fund
The JPB Foundation
JPMorgan Chase Foundation
Helen Stambler Neuberger and Jim Neuberger
Madaleine Berley and Arnold S. Penner
The Pinkerton Foundation
The Shubert Foundation

Patrons ($25,000 - $49,999)

The Alec Baldwin Foundation
Con Edison
Daphna and Gerald Cramer
Lauren B. Cramer
Jacques d’Amboise
Nili and Nathaniel de Rothschild
Elaine Dannheisser Foundation
Edith and Jonathan Fassberg
Carol and Tony Friscia
The Harold and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust
Carol and Robert D. Krinsky
Julie and Jon Landau
Betsy and Hunt Lawrence
Marilyn White Lawrence and Bryan R. Lawrence
Alicia Glen and Daniel Rayner
Anya Herz Shiva and Dr. Andrew Shiva
Linda Singer and Louis Klein, Jr.
Vada and Ted Stanley
Barbara and Donald Tober

Underwriters ($10,000 - $24,999)

The Ann M. Martin Foundation
The Barbara Epstein Foundation
The Barker Welfare Foundation
Susan Blaustein and Alan Berlow
The Bernard Lee Schwartz Foundation
Emily and Len Blavatnik
The Brenner Family Foundation
Don Capoccia and Tommie Pegues
Stuart H. Coleman
Jennie and Richard K. DeScherer
Valerie and Charles Diker
Deborah Colson and Mark Diker
Edward & Carol Goldberg Family Foundation
The Edward and Sally Van Lier Fund
in The New York Community Trust
Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group
Muna and Basem Hishmeh
Honda Foundation
The Jerome Robbins Foundation
Annie and Andrew J. Kaiser
L+M Development Partners
The Lauder Foundation -
Leonard and Evelyn Lauder Fund
Patricia and Robert Levinson
Ketty and François Maisonrouge
Ann M. Martin
Kerry and Ron Moelis
Jenny Morgenthau
Newman’s Own Foundation
Nora Kaye & Herbert Ross Foundation
Catherine Oppenheimer and Garrett Thornburg
Babe Rizzuto
The Sara Blakely Foundation
The Segal Company
Beth Kobliner Shaw and David E. Shaw
The Solomon Organization
Barbara and Lari Stanton
Stavros Niarchos Foundation
Sugar Foods Corporation
Carol Sutton Lewis and William Lewis
Syracuse University
Agnes Hsu and Oscar Tang
John L. Tishman
The Toby and Nataly Ritter Family Foundation
treasure & bond
The Trout Group
Kara Unterberg and Gabrielle Niederhoffer
Diane and Stephen Volk
The Weil Family
The Williams Capital Group, LP
The Winston Foundation, Inc.
Shirley Young

Partners ($5,000 - $9,999)

42nd Street Development Corporation
Basswood Capital Management, LLC
The Bay and Paul Foundations
Donya and Scott Bommer
Ellen and Sam Newhouse
Capezio/Ballet Makers Dance Foundation
Sarah Cutler
Sam Ellis
Susan Foote and Stephen Feinberg
Margaret and Howard Fluhr
Susan and John Fullerton
G.A.G. Charitable Corporation
Gilder Foundation
Barbara L. Goldsmith
Judith Uman and I. Michael Goodman
The Harkness Foundation for Dance
Abigail and Steven Hoffman
Horizon Media
The Howard Bayne Fund
Lisa A. Huestis and David E. Van Zandt
The Hyde and Watson Foundation
Jones Day
Joseph & Sophia Abeles Foundation
Joseph and Joan Cullman Foundation for the Arts
Debbie and Steven Klein
Solange Landau
Mary and Richard Lanier
Mary Tyler Moore and Dr. S. Robert Levine
The Lotos Foundation
Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP
Blythe Masters and Gareth Evans
Michael Tuch Foundation
Millstream Fund
Donna Polisar
Yvonne and Leslie Pollack
Rose M. Badgeley Residuary Charitable Trust
John and Patty Rosenwald
The Rudin Foundation
Mara and Ricky Sandler
Schwartz Cousins Fund
Andrea and Michael Shindler
Catherine Sweeney Singer and William Singer
A.F. Petrocelli/ United Capital Corporation
Lisa Wishnick
Judith and Stanley Zabar

Supporters ($1,000 - $4,999)

Anonymous (2)
Joan and Mark Abramowitz
Laurie Abramowitz and Robert Doherty
Benjamin and Elizabeth Abrams Foundation
Amy Bermant Adler and Elliott Adler
Carolyn and Andrew W. Albstein
Allade Inc.
Barbara and Philip Altheim
Loretta and Walter Anderson
Lisa Antonoff
Sue Ellen and Warren Appleman
Carol Hope Arber
Jody and John Arnhold
Phil Austern
Alexis and Rene-Pierre Azria
Florence and Michael Barkan
Phoebe Barnard
Katherine and Gary Bartholomaus
Kate Weil and Stuart Bauchner
Amy L. Berley
Georgina Cullman and Chris Berry
Amelia and Richard Bernstein
Marjorie A. Beutel
Blochead Films
Terry and Denis Bovin
Stephen Breitstone
Mary and James Brown
Rose and John Cali
Lisa and Stu Cantor
Capital Management Group of New York
Ida and Charles Cardona
Ellen and Richard Chassin
Cherry’s Pharmacy
Barbara and Charles B. Cohen
Helen and Earl Colson
Jeff Comanici
Corcoran Group Real Estate
Counsel Abstract
Joyce Cowin
Louise Kerz Hirschfeld and Lewis B. Cullman
Elizabeth and Allen Cutler
Catherine and Paul d’Amboise
Melissa and Frederic Dassori
Barbara and John Day
Robert de Rothschild
Alice B. Diamond
Daniel Diker
Susan and James Dubin
Ed Bradley Family Foundation
Claire Edersheim
James Eldridge
The Ernest and Joan Liu Foundation
Margot and John Ernst
Melvyn J. Estrin
The Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation
Lisa M. Farrell
Patricia and Robert Ferrari
Lisa and Jeremy Fielding
Sabina Fila
Financial Comfort
Nina and Scott Fine
Roberta and Stuart Fine
Sarah and Peter Finn
Jodie and Ronald Fischer
Melina and Britton Fisher
Charlotte and William Ford
Sanja K. Frank
Barbara and Robert Freedman
The Friars Foundation
Alice and Lawrence N. Friedland
Garden Homes Fund
Arlyn and Edward L. Gardner
Gaye Gross Moelis Fund
Mark Ginsberg
Susan Gluck
Suzanne L. Goldhirsch
Kyle Good
Dale Grant
Virginia Guy, Neuberger Berman
Harlem Arts Alliance
Robert E. Helpern
Sheryl and George Hinckley
Shay and George Hirsch
Carol and Richard Hochman
Judith M. Hoffman
Denise M. Hofmann
Minalie Chen and Jackson Hsieh
Jerome and Isabelle Hyman
Rosemary Carey and Ed Hynes
Insuregy Agency
The Irving S. Cooper Foundation
Shea and Gary Jacob
Amy and John Jacobsson
Julia C. Tobey and Kenneth Johnson
Marcella Kahn
Betty P. Kenan
Renée N. Khatami and John R. MacArthur
Allison and Michael Klausner
Louise Klebanoff
Barbara and Martin P. Klein
Penny and David Klein
Shahnaz Batmanghelidj and Radford Klotz
Barbara Kravitz
Victoria Labalme
Lalique North America
Laura and Les Landau
Betsy and Stewart Lawrence
Dalia and Larry Leeds
Randy and Jeffrey Levine
Anastasia Liefshitz
Margot and Robert Linton
Judy and Michael Lipstein
Barbara and Stephen Litke
Richard and Julie Lobel
Claire and Joseph LoCicero
Susan Sain Sain Lu, M.D.
Christiane J. MacArthur
Orazio Maddalena
Allison F. and Joseph J. Magliocco
Masters Coverage Corporation
Judith Mazo and Mike Seidman
Martha McBrayer
Elizabeth J. Aron McCormack
D.A. McDonald
Arthur and Barbara L. Michaels
Vicki and Fred Modell
Julie and Ken Moelis
Teri and Martin Monas
Moses L. Parshelsky Foundation
Elinor and George B. Munroe
Deborah Lesser and Dori Nagar
Mary Hughes and Eiji Nakagawa
Grigory Nersesyan
Michelle de Savigny and William Nesbitt
Steve and Gina Newhouse
Newmark Knight Frank
Norvin Partners LTD
Nora Ann Wallace and Jack H. Nusbaum
Deborah Bohr and James Oakes
Nancy and Morris Offit
Michelle Toll and William O’Flanagan
Frank Ohman
Martha J. Olson
Richard Orridge
Jacynth Paterson Orridge
Hannah Pakula
Pamela Patton and Ivan Galanin
Eve W. Paul
The Penobscot Fund
David Perez
Pink Adobe Productions
Pond Consulting Corp.
Valerie and Atkins Preston
Pulse Music
Donna Matteo Rabinowitz and Steve Rabinowitz
Susan and Kanti Rai
Sarah Reines and Richard Bornstein
Miriam K. Reines
Joya and Edward Reines
Vicki Reiss
Kammi and Bradley Reiss
Ellen Reynolds
Richard, Ann, John & James Solomon
Families Foundation
Robert L. & Helen W. Bernstein Foundation
Betsy and Ted Rogers
Fatima and Donald Roland
Isabel Rose
Sandra Priest Rose
Rosen Brothers, LLC
Lori Cohen and Christopher Rothko
Melissa Saperstein
Dana J. Golding and Richard Scharf
Jamee and Michael Schleifer
Alison Holtzschue and Douglas Schloss
Michelle Ores and Charles Schorin
Ruth Schwartz, Liz Hinden and the
Jane Schwartz Foundation
The Seedtime Fund
Stephen H. Shane
Mary Sharp Cronson
Sophia Sheng
Erika Honda and Keenan Shimizu
Ruth Shuman
Juliette Singer and Ian Spinks
Flo and Warren Sinsheimer
Ellen Slaby and Bruce M. Richardson
Virginia Sloane
Fern Smith
Soon-Young Yoon and Richard M. Smith
Leslie and Richard Snyder
Barbaralee Diamonstein- Spielvogel and
Carl L. Spielvogel
Patty Diker and David Stark
Amy and Rob Stavis
Stavis Charitable Foundation
Antoinette Delruelle and Joshua L. Steiner
Vera Stern
Rachel and Alexander Stern
Lee and Matthew Stern
Steve Tisch Family Foundation
H. Emma Strathy
Tracy Straus
Eric Straus
Jeanne Straus
Shining Sung
Jeffrey I. Sussman
Elise Ingalls
Susan W. Talbot
Jennifer and Erich Tengelsen
Jennifer Hand and Thomas Tierney
Billie Tisch
Lee Traub
Ann and Thomas Unterberg
Carrie L. Van Syckel
Marvin and Sandra Wax
Joanne and Arthur Weinbach
Sue Ann Weinberg
Susannah and Antonio Weiss
Wellfleet Foundation
Wells Fargo Advisors
Maya Williams and Barry Lippman
Janice Savin Williams and Christopher J. Williams
Shelley and Claude Winfield
Wolfensohn Family Foundation
World-Wide Holdings Corporation
Mary Collins and Anthony Yarborough
Eve and Steven Yavers
Phua and Phualin Young
YPO Manhattan
Patty Theis and Salvatore Zizza

Friends ($500 - $999)

Rosina Abramson
Fran and Mahyar Amirsaleh
Margaret C. Anadu
Amy Astley
Robert and Betsy Barbanell
Barbara Slifka Philanthropic Fund
Caroline Barnett
Elizabeth Barton
Linda and Maurice Binkow
Talia Bornstein
Barbara and Andrew Brill
Brookwood Financial Partners, LLC
Mary Beth and Walter Buck
Donna and Derrick Cephas
Trudy Chan
Monica Corton
Margaret Crotty and Rory Riggs
Richard Darrow
Margaret Davidson and John Stein
Maria Di Dia and Doug Salmon
Todd Dimston
Helaine Posner and David Dorsky
Emily Doubilet
Pam and Martin Edel
Annie Fan and Sung Ki Park
Amy Feldman
April Fey
Jean and Desmond Fitzpatrick
Four Winds, Inc.
Karin and Morton Gewirtz
Glen Family Foundation
M. Goodwin
Josie Harris
Sheila Haskell
Deborah Heiligman
Linda and Dennis A. Herman
The Home and Office Network, LLC
Rosemary and Alfred Iversen
Jerome and Delores Zuckerman
Gewirtz Charitable Trust
Yasmin and Jermaine Jones
June and George Kalinsky
Joanne Witty and Eugene Keilin
Michele and Steve Klausner
Rachel and Mark Klein
Ross Koller
Karenne Koo
Jennifer and Treyton Laird
Alexandra and Jay Langner
Marlene and Stephen Lazar
June LeBell Alley and Edward Alley
Margot L. Levinson and John Gantz
Debra F. Lewin
Alison and Gary Lieberman
Hilary Link
Alison and Anthony Liotti
Susan Carr-Malatzky and Howard Malatzky
Myra Malkin
Brian McComak
Virginia and Larry Meuers
Arthur Mitchell
Janet and Thomas Montag
Linda Nisselson
Ontra Presentations, LLC
Andrea Phillips
Richard Polak/CDI
Noa and Shahriar Rafimayeri
Pamela Rasp
Madeleine and Marc Rice
Mrs. Frederick P. Rose
Donna and Mark Rosen
Fran and Eric Rosenfeld
Anna Ryan
Pat Schlegel and A.J. Bosco
Barbara S. Schwartz
Roslyn R. Schwartz
Janet Z. Segal
Robert Sherman
Amy Silverman
Renata Simone
Gerald Singer
Flo and Warren Sinsheimer
The Slovin Foundation
Suzanne and Brian Smith
Kenneth Squire
Carl Steeg
Jodi and Andrew Sussman
Rhana and Charles Tabouchirani
Pamela Hunt Thomas and George Thomas
Theresa Thompson
Cindy Touma
Seran Trehan
The Trust for Mutual Understanding
Jennifer and Stephen Turano
Alice Young and Neil deGrasse Tyson
Carol and Fred Valentine
Kathy Van Ness
Susan Frunzi and David E. Wachtel
J. Weil
Ellen Weinstein and Eric John
Ronald Weston
Elizabeth and Kenneth Whitney
Margo and Irwin Winkler
Lili Yamasaki and Michele Pagano
Yadey Yawand-Wossen and Adam Richman

Advocates ($100 - $499)

Emily and Dan Adler
Jackie and Andy Africk
Suzanne and James Aisenberg
Liza Rodriguez Albro and Christopher Albro
Amy and James Haber Fund
Maureen Anderson
Alan and Judith Appelbaum
Lynn Appelbaum
Cynthia Asher
Merrill Ashley and Kibbe Fitzpatrick
Fern and Jim Babchak
Valerie M. Barchat and Steven M. Larson
Barkan & Goldberg LLP
Deborah and Ken Baron
Enma and Adrien Baron
Barre LLC
Maryanne Barry
Aileen Marie Barry
Sophie Gilbert and Tim Bartholomaus
Doreen and Gilbert Bassin
Phillip A. Bauman
Asari D. Beale
Anita M. Beale
Ethel M. Beale
Laurie Beckelman
Roberta Beech
Ruth and Alan Beitler
Mary M. Belfon
Gary Belsky
Carol and Barry Belt
Benjamin and Elizabeth Gordon Charitable Foundation
Julianne and Benjamin Berry
Jacqueline Bianco
The Birk's Works Foundation, Inc.
Lisa Bloch
Nancy Blomberg
Margery M. Bloom
Blue Point-Bay Point Lions Club
Laura Bluman
Rick Bobrow
Elenore and Sam Bogoch
Shari and Peter Boockvar
Marie Bosco
Robert Braden
Marialida D. Bressler
Doris and Michael Bronson
Greg Brophy
Kamala Buckner
Cielo Buenaventura and Nick Fox
Messieurs William and Stuart Buice
Cherida M. Burke
Hillary Butler
Marla and Lawrence Butler
Abigail Carlen
Susan Carnochan
Abigail and John Carr
Mary and Robert Carswell
Lemina and Robert Cashel
Central Synagogue
Michael Cerveris
Brenda Chau
Barbara Chong
Erica Chong
Katherine Chouinard
Jane Chu
Evangeline Chua
Michael Chua
Julie Chua-Perrone
Choo Chung
Gloria and Frederick Clark
Harriet Clark Webber and Barry Webber
Danielle Claro
Patricia Clary
Fern and Dan Cohen
Barbara and Maxwell Cohen
Malcolm Semple and Hilary Colenso-Semple
Gale and Peter Constable
Diane A. Crawford
Elissa and Edgar Cullman, Jr.
Beth Barron and Christian Custodio
Walter and Isabel Cutler
David Danziger
April Darrow
Allyson and Ken Davidov
Karie Davidson
Laura Goff Davis
Ed and Jane Deacy
Christine and Gerard DeSantis
Marcia Diaz
Eugene L. Diorio
Helen and E.L. Doctorow
Scott Doniger
Anne Doubilet
Barry and Lindsay Drogin
Kira Moirah and Charles Edel
Barbara and Jerome Eisner
Carole and Richard Eisner
Karen Elizaga
Barbara and Paul Elliot
Elmwood Country Club
Lydia Emil
Laura Falb
Marilyn and Robert Fassberg
Joan Feder-Kelman and Andy Kelman
Ellen and Michael Fedida
Mimi Apfel and Andrew Feigin
Helen Fenwick
Agnes and Phillip Ferro
Karen Feuer
Joyce and Jeffrey Fiedler
The Fiedler Companies, Inc.
Vince Fiorello
Joy Fischer
Nancy Fisher
Elva Fisher
Allen Flicker
Robert and Lou Ann Frome
Amy and Jonathan Gallen
Cherilyn and Dufftin Garcia
Ellen Winner and Howard Gardner
Ruth Ann Gardner
Jennifer and Richard Geller
Jean Gennaro
Susan and Adam Gilbert
Elisa Gilbert
Johnnie M. Gilbert
Nancy and Ross Gillman
Denyse and Marc Ginzberg
Carolyn and Richard Glickstein
Wendy and James Gold
Deborah Goldman
Arianne and Robert Golub
Vivien and Sherwin Gordon
Sallie T. Gouverneur
Richard W. Gowing
Claire and Vartan Gregorian
Gayle Grifith
Nancy Gropper and Robert P. Aaronson
Karen Gutch
Sari Guthrie
India Haggins
Toni Haida
Martin Halbfinger
Judith and Patrick Hanlon
Lisa M. Harte and James E. Taylor
Gabrielle and Scott Haskell
Peter Haskell
Gabrielle and Steven Haskell
Mentor Haxhija
Kathy Hayes
Robert Haynes
Kathryn and Vincent G. Heintz
Kathryn M. Heleniak
Mary B. Helfet
Pamela Heller and Erik Hartog
Clara Hemphill and  Robert W. Snyder
Alice Henkin
Blair Bennett and Robert Herrmann
Shelly and William Himmelrich
Liz and David Hinden
Sarah Hipkens
Lynn Hippen
Jade Hobson
Connie and Mark Hochman
Renée B. Hoffman
Olivia and Warren Hoge
Antonia Hommeyer
Marjorie Horowitz
Jill Horwitz and Todd Hixson
Martha Howell
Judith Insell
Michael Issacs
Regina and Peter Iulo
Janet Jackson
Sally Jameson
Linda and Morton Janklow
Marcy A. Sandler and James T. Janover
Jennifer Lee Photography
Jocelyn R. Jerry
Hilary Joel
Rosalind Cohen and Richard Joelson
Traci Paige Johnson
Lucy Johnson
Leslie Jones
Phyllis Jordan
Magda Saleh and Jack A. Josephson
Nancy Kahn
Kirsten Kairos
Sandra and Michael Kamen
Linda and Fred S. Kantor
Joan and William Kantor
Ira Kantrowitz
Barbara Lewis Kaplan
Helen Kramer Kaptzan
Bette Kasanof
Tanya Kaufman
Erin Kellerman
Martin Kelly
Danielle Kennedy-Craig and Robert M. Craig
David and Pamela Kenney
Barbara Kibler
Bertram Kimmel
James P. King
Peggyann Klein
Betty Klein
Priscilla Kleinberg
Lynne and Jack Kleinman
Stephanie Kolin
Paul Kolnik
Manfred Korman
Shiou and Jeffrey Kossak
Joan and Dan Kram
Linda Hassani and Johannes Krarup
Dorothy Krauss-Eisenpress and Aron F. Eisenpress
MaryBeth Kretz and Robert H. Baum
Karen and Mitchell Kuflik
Grace and Merrill Kuller
Emily Laber-Warren
William Labov
Donna Laikind
Sidney and Sarah Landau
Renee Landau
Tina Landau and Niki Cunningham
William and Megyn Lansing
Karole Larsson
Catherine Morris Leach
Emily and John Lee
Margaret and Tilden Lemelle
Jennifer Levine
Karin Anne and Carl Lieberman
Todd Liebler
Laurie Lindenbaum and Bob Horne
Joan W. Lindley
Rebecca F. Lipman
Felicia and Robert Lipson
Ann and Bruce Loeb
Gain Lu
Lucy Lu
Lutz and Carr CPA's
Jill Mack
Patricia M. MacKenzie and William L. Gillen
Robert Mairano
Elizabeth Manejias
Ashlynn Manning
Jesse Margolis
Angela and James Margolis
Margaret Mastriau
Juliana May
Mayer-Ahearn Family Charitable Fund
Dorothy McCutchan
Dave McDowell
Christine and Kevin McKay
Megan McLaughlin
McLaughlin & Stern, LLP
Richard McNally
Emily and Craig Meisner
Charisse Meloto
Noreen Michaels
Linda Milanesi
Frances Milberg
Peri Smilow and Budd Mishkin
Barbara and Jay Mitchell
Elinor and Marvin Mitchell
Jill S. Montaigne
Karen Montanaro
Teresa Moran
Sabrina Moreno-Dolan
Morgan Stanley
Sara Moss
NGO Committee on the Status of Women, New York
Toni C. Noblett
Michele and Colm O'Mara
Vada and Stanley Olinick
Marc Pachter
Barbara Banchik and Leon Paley
Ellen Parry and J. Douglas Simon
Rachel Passaretti-Wu
Kathryn Grody and Mandy Patinkin
Lyle Peacock
Charlotte Perebinossoff
Perl & Asch CPAs PC
Patricia Dugan and William Perlmuth
Georgina Petty
Ronald and Gladys Picket
Betty M. Pincus
Laura and Gus Pitsikoulis
Rebecca Black and Greg Polk
Joan C. Pollitt
Fredi Pomerance
Susan J. Poole
Poster Boy, Inc.
Judy Potash
Ronnie and William Potter
Lynn Povich and Stephen Shepard
Anne and Loring Pratt
Laura Presant
Aquanetta Pride
Antoinette Quarshie
Mary Jonaitis and Stephen Quigley
Stuart Rachlin
Amy and Mitchell Radin
Deborah Wolfe and Philip Raible
Pamela Raizman
Mrs. Viggo Rambusch
Christine and Bill Redpath
Marisa and Adam Reed
Susan M. Reed
Lois Refkin and Louis Alvarez
Amelia Relles
Kelly Reuba
Nancy Reynolds
Ali Reza
Nancy Orr and Richard Robbins
Janet and John Rodgers
Meira Rosenberg and David Friedman
David Rosenberg
Stewart G. Rosenblum
Karine Rosenthal
Sandra and Saul Rosenthal
Susanne Rostock and David Johnson
Sharon Roth
Michael and Alison Rothschild
Vicki and Jack Rovner
Amanda Rubin
Tracy and Mark Rudd
Bryan Rush
Dr. Ryan
Pamela Rykowski
Priya and David Sable
Sonia and Jeffrey Sachs
Francis J. Sackett
Amy and Lawrence Saperstein
Joseph and Jo Anne Sarubbi
Alyce Russo and Steve Schall
Carol Scheffler
The Schell Family Foundation
Joan Blackett Schlank
Suzanne Schorer
Robert A. Schulman
Lisa Scolari
Eleanor Shakin
Jonathan B. Shearer
Lorraine Shemesh
Sheryl and Cary Sherman
Lee Shull
Holly Shunkey
Jeffrey Siegel
Arlene and Bruce Simon
Anitra Swaminathan and Milton J. Sipp
Carole Sirovich
Sisters of Charity Assumption-All Saints Convent
Ellen S. Bromberg Skolnick and Robert Skolnick
Michael Skolnik
Haruko Smith
Karen and Robert Sobel
Clea and Kurt Soderlund
Che Che and Luis Solivan
Ferne Goldberg Sperling and Allan Sperling
Lisa Spiegel and Irwin Gelman
Paul Springer
Lena Sradnick
Sarah and David Stack
Elizabeth Stafford
Heidi Stamas
Andrea Stark
Steeple Arts Academy of Dance
Barbara and Leonard Steiner
Emily R. and Steven J. Steinman
Lauren Solotoff and Lee Stern
Wilma Steuer
Paula and Michael Stoler
Deborah Stone/The Northern Trust Company
Strategic Services Group
Barbara and Richard Strauss
Anita Sum
Sutton Impact Studio, Inc.
Pamela C. Swallow
Jill and Alan Swerdloff
Ronald J. Tabak
Angela M. Tangredi
Joshua Targoff
Gail and Jason Taylor
Blaine Templeman
Rick Thiounn
C. J. Tiedeman
Mary Tierney
Beatrice and Jose Tirado
Jean E. Toussaint
Traiger & Hinckley LLP
Annette Troxell-Collins
Cyril Tyson
Lynda and Dennis Ubiles
Rebeca Vargas
Anne Volk
Olga Votis
Doris and Scott Wagstaff
Jessie Walker
Eileen Wallach
Grace Warnecke
Phyllis and Michael Warren
Steven Warren
Jessica Weigmann
Lynn and Barry Weinberg
Judy Weinraub
Cathy and Stephen D. Weinroth
Phyllis Weinstein and Robert P. Kellenberger
Seymour and Debbie Weinstein
Stacy and Greg Weinstein
Catherine Weisblum
Elizabeth Wells
Mei Ling Wen
Monica and James Wesson
Deborah L. White
Malika Lee Whitney
Garielle Whittle
Lisa and Hillel Wiener
Bernard Wilkerson
Victoria and John Wion
Betsy Witten
Lara Woo
Carol Wood
Sarah Worthington and Nathan Carrer
Lynn Wright
Patricia Schulte and Thomas Yamin
Janet Yan
Jacalyn Yang
Barbara and William Yee
Choo Yin Chung
Michelle and Kenneth Yoon
May W. Lee and Benito J. Young
Jack M. Youngelson
Allison M. Zayas
Sandra Zions
Marsha and Howard Zipser
Melanie and Philippe Zrihen
Lawrence P. Zuckerman

Our heartfelt thanks to those organizations contributing through matching and employee giving programs.

Bank of America
Deutsche Bank Americas
ExxonMobil Foundation
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Pfizer Foundation
Rockefeller Foundation
Soros Fund Management

Spotlight On...

Donor Profile: Rachel Passaretti ('91)

Attorney and NDI Alumna Rachel Passaretti ('91), never forgot her time with NDI, and she recently had the opportunity to give back to the program that meant so much to her.
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