Live music is integral to all of NDI's arts education programs and performances. This commitment was joyfully on display throughout our 2012 Event of the Year. Have a look and listen to the video clip below from Inner Visions: A Celebration of Stevie Wonder...

Many performing arts groups are moving toward using recorded music -- a difficult choice to make in hard economic times. As a non-profit organization, NDI understands these budgetary pressures, yet remains steadfastly committed to integrating live music into all that we do. NDI's award-winning arts education programs reach more than 5,000 New York City schoolchildren each week, bringing live music into each and every one of our classrooms.

Our commitment is firm, but it comes at a price. NDI spends many thousands of dollars each year to ensure that live music fills not only the classrooms, but the lives of our young dancers, their schools and communities.

And so we ask...

Please help us keep this promise to the children we serve by making a gift of any size today to support live music at NDI. Whether is it $25, $50, $100 or more, every penny counts, and every penny is appreciated.

An anonymous donor will make a gift of $25,000 to support live music at NDI if 100 of our friends make an online donation - of any amount - by July 10th.

Together, let's keep the music playing!


With gratitude,

Ellen Weinstein, Artistic Director
Kathy Landau, Executive Director

Why I Give.

  • Annually, NDI's programs impact over 40,000 including public school students, their parents, teachers and local communities through classes, assemblies, residencies and performances.
  • The majority of NDI dancers come from low-income communities.
  • NDI dancers represent a diverse population: 35% are Latino, 28% Caucasian, 19% Asian, 16% African-American, and 2% other non-white minority groups.