Why I give to NDI - a letter from alumnus Cassidy Noblett ('99)

Posted February, 2010

Cassidy Noblett started dancing with National Dance Institute at the age of 7.  Inspired by his experiences, he continued his dance training at the North Carolina School of the Arts and New York University.  His career as a dancer has taken him around the world dancing for the Spice Girls and Janet Jackson, and appearing on the "Grammy's" and the "MTV Video Music Awards."  He is currently touring with Beyoncé.  Cassidy recently wrote a letter to us expressing the impact that NDI has had on his life. 


Who I am today, when viewed under a microscope, is an artist whose foundation is built upon the bricks that NDI gave me.  I had never been to a place where I felt like I fit in, where art and excellence and joy and the passion for dance existed in a single place.  And once those doors were so warmly open to my life, the path of artistry that I wanted to take began to unfold with imagination and desire. 

I wouldn’t be anywhere today without NDI, and I would be who I am today without its guidance and exposure.  No one really understands what a magical place it is until you are on that stage, or have graduated, or until you have seen its influence bring happiness and success to vast areas of one’s life.  And it’s important to understand that its foundation is based on love, encouragement, determination and sharing a similar passion not only with one another, but with the world. 

Sot it’s time that I start to give back to my extended family because all of my past and present beings that have been a part of NDI still exist as one.  And money will never be able to pay enough gratitude and thanks for how my life has changed, but it will hopefully provide an opportunity for another kid to witness the magic that I did.  I will always love you and support you, NDI.  Thank you for transforming my life.

With love,

Cassidy Noblett


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